Project Overview

Side project (startup)

Time: Jan 2018 till now

Team: Ming, Hai, Zach, Cassie

My role: Product designer

ShareBlock is a blockchain solution for decentralizing sharing economy. It provides the technical infrastructure and service APIs to support DApps (decentralized applications) built on it. 



This is the frontline for displaying ShareBlock's core idea, as well as the entry to the user portal. After I did several visual explorations, we decided to go with the dark tone which really accentuates the brand color. It also works well to attract tech savvy crypto players. 

After many iterations on the design and content, we have our current live site here



The video illustrates some typical use cases of ShareBlock. I helped the video vendor with storyboarding, motion graphics, sound effects and script writing. 


Demo App

The demo app showcases the potential functions ShareBlock can achieve, including smart lock control, payment, voting and rating. I completed the whole design, and communicated with engineers to implement the priority functions. 


Beyond product design

Besides the actual products, there are many little things that need designing. From the banner for Facebook account to illustrations in whitepaper, conference posters to business card. The key is to communicate the essential message while keeping a constant visual identity.