Project Overview

Side project (NGO)

Time: Jan 2018 till now

Team: Xiaoning, Dancy, Yan, and 60+

My role: Design lead

Viva La Vida (Viva!) is a global art project that encourages people to express their understanding of life through art. Since our first event in Mexico City, we have collected over 1500 paintings across 30 countries. 


'Viva!' ?

Viva! was inspired by Mexican artist Frida Kahlo. After seeing her paintings full of vigor of life, my most executive friend Xiaoning held the first street event in front of Frida's museum (the Blue House), inviting local people to draw a picture about their own life. I'm excited to join at Viva!'s earliest stage. Encouraging people to reflect on "life", a topic not discussed on a daily routine, is very inspiring for me. You can check all the amazing drawings collected around the world in our online gallery


Me in Tokyo

As part of the Viva! 15 campaign (where social experimenters host events in 15 different countries), I hosted one session when traveling in Tokyo in Jun, 2018. It was held in Kanagawa University(神奈川大学) in Yokohama. It was such a special experience to get connected to the local students, as well as the whole city.

Local students and us (bottom right)

Local students and us (bottom right)

Drawings from local students



Here a some versions of the posters I designed for the initial events.


Marketing campaign 

We're launching a marketing campaign on WeChat. Its current version features Little Prince and his journey across different planets. 

Version 1

Version 1

Version 2

Version 2



Viva! is expanding fast. We are now an organization of 60+ volunteers and 30+ social experimenters, who are passionate about Viva! and work for it part time, like me. As the first designer onboard, I was doing everything design-related from poster, logo, drawing paper to marketing materials. Now we are a design team of 8 talented designers, and I'm responsible for its management work. We are working closely on an array of projects including: 

  • visual identity   
  • exhibition curating
  • marketing materials
  • regular supporting design (poster, certificates, team building materials...)