Project Overview

Side project (startup)

Time: Nov 2017 till now

Current core team: Ming, Cassie, Amy

My role: Product designer

YiRental is a renting platform for overseas Chinese. Since its launch in the iOS App Store in Oct, 2017, it has over 25k downloads (still growing) and an active user community.  


I joined YiRental when the first version just launched. Since then we've had multiple major or minor iterations -- on both the business goals and UX flows. Since there were several designers who worked on different features of YiRental and we all work part time, we met challenges when integrating a whole design or taking over the project. From that I learnt the importance of version control. As a startup, there is also a lot of tradeoff between business goals, engineering effort and user experience. 

>> See our current website here (new version coming out soon) 

>> Download YiRental app here .